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This is the Title for Australian Real Estate.
Reserve Bank of Australia.
Phillip Lasker: ABC News
Double Bay Girl Sells Australian Real Estate.

Asians Not Pushing Up Prices
Asian buyers are not driving up property prices. They account for less than 2 per cent of all Australian real estate transactions.
Author: David Chau::ABC News
Rook by Whistleblower
Anna Porter warns those tempted by the lure of easy money in the property market to be careful of shady real estate agents.
Kevin Turner:Real Estate Talk
RBA Holds the Interest Rate
The Reserve Bank decided to leave the cash rate unchanged at 1.50 per cent. Globally, inflation remains
.OECD Property Outlook
Houses appear overvalued. This is the case in the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand.There is a risk of a price correction
Most Successful Real Estate
Phillips Pantzer Donnelley of Sydney Eastern Suburb Real Estate is the leading seller in Australia selling $432,624,818 of property.
Real Estate Business Bulletin
Boom is Over
With east coast property prices now stalling, or even heading backwards, the expert consensus is that Australia's real estate boom is over.
Michael Janda: BC News
Chinese Abandoning Investments
Chinese investors are walking away and losing large deposits due to their government clamping down on outflows of money

Australian Real Estate
Adventure Australia Blog
Australian Real Estate - Australia has superb investment potential at the moment.  Interest rates are steady and property prices are falling.  It is a good time to buy, whether to take up residence or to rent. Australian Real Estate - Australia has superb investment potential at the moment.  Interest rates are steady and property prices are falling.  It is a good time to buy, whether to take up residence or to rent.
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For some time now people have been saying that Queensland will have a property boom due to residents moving from Sydney and Melbourne. With median house prices at $500,000 it is tempting, but the great move has not  happened.
Australian real estate.
BRISBANE is well placed to take over as the nation’s best performing capital city housing market. While the city looks set to benefit from better housing market conditions, house prices will not go as high as Sydney and Melbourne.
  Australian real estate
  Australian real estate
Property prices have fallen in Sydney for the first time in a long time, signalling a turning of the tide. House prices near the CBD now exceed $1m. The slowdown reduces pressure to slow demand by raising interest rate.
SYDNEY unit sales rise as house sales level off. Buyers anticipate losing money in the near future. They want to get in now and be set up for the rest of their lives. Two bedroom units are selling even though young couples intend to have children.
  Australian real estate
The Victoria real estate market has started out strong in 2018. Prices are high, with the average price of a single family home chalking in at just over $831,000, which is about 10% higher than a year ago. Condos, at $445,000 average price,
MELBOURNE’s roaring property market has  “come off” a bit in 2018, with auction clearance rates dipping into the 60 per cent-range, suggesting formerly seller-biased conditions had swung slightly in favour of buyers.
South Australia remains a steady marketplace with supply and demand levels in tune with each other. Property prices are fair and affordable. Growth has been flat, a 0.1% increase over the last quarter.  A good market for investment.
ADELAIDE’s steady growth of 4.1 per cent  offers a conservative alternative for investors who barrack for the slow and steady tortoise ahead of the hare, and for those who are giving up on the dream of home ownership in Sydney or Melbourne.
  Australian real estate
Western Australia's housing market is the most oversupplied in the country and it is only going to get worse. There are already 25,000 unnecessary homes in the state and that will increase to 26,000 by 2019. Good news for renters.
PERTH is the land of opportunity for savvy investors. Widespread development and a resurgent State economy should combine to lift the property market out of the doldrums in 2018. There has been a Massive State Government investment
Tasmania is still far and away the most affordable real estate market in Australia.
This year is the time to sell. If you wait any longer you might miss out. Prices have peaked and will fall over coming months. First home buyers should not buy now.
HOBART has lagged behind, hitting a median of $416,840. It is the only Australian capital where prices are still rising toward a peak.  But fewer houses are being offered for sale. But buyers are still looking for bargains at the high end.
The Top End is expected to spend another couple of years at the bottom of the cycle. Dwelling prices keep on sinking across the NT as demand levels stay down and the economy remains stagnant. There is hardly any state infrustructure investment
DARWIN prices have fallen 6.5% over the last 12 months. Rental prices are holding. Now is a the ideal time for Darwinites to buy their first investment property, The population has declined reducing demand. There are real bargains at the low end. 
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