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Adventure sports is the way to enjoy an
australian vacation . There are off road and outback track trials to try.

While here enter a running raceDo open spaces activities.
Interesting eco recreational trips are available as well as plane flying gliding.   Have a holiday in the surf.  Many  activities in australia .

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The meaning of an adventure vacation is actually to take part in activities, to participate. This is in contrast to a traditional holiday where you lay back and take it easy. Using your body and mind doing adventure activities gets the blood flowing and the adrenalin rising. It is a thrill to test the body doing Adventure Sports.  Know your limits but push them as well. Australia has everything you need to enjoy adventure tours and activities on your vacation.
Tour Australia in a 4WD staying in motel/motels, living in a caravan or camping out.  Train to use a 4WD on and off road before you go.  Learn now to safely tow a trailer or caravan, and be able to repair your vehicle.  Go on a recovery low range bush course.  Find out when 4WD groups are leaving on a trip and join them.
  Adventure Australia 
Air adventure extends to beautiful far away places in this country.  You can visit destinations any time of the year.  For young and old there are places to escape to.  There are aviation services that will suite you. They will welcome you to their aircraft on journeys that will live in your memory or can be recorded on camera.  Adventure Australia 
Motor sports enthusiasts are invited to Australia.  Participate in rallv driving, V8 racing, hot laps, fast utes, formula Ford and performance driver training.  Go for a ride on a Harlev Davidson.  Hire an Enduro bike, dual sport, tourer, BMW, or trike.  Book a ride on a racetrack riding a Honda CBR600 or Suzuki GSXR 600.  Adventure Australia 
There is accommodation for backpackers all across the country, from the basic to luxurious. If you want to see Australia it is ideal to travel in a group. Ecotours provide an experience at Ayers Rock. Other tours cover the Great Ocean Road Melbourne, the Sydney Opera house and the Swan River Perth.  Adventure Australia 
Australia is the largest island on earth with plenty of access to the sea. Australians invite you to enjoy the water sports that they themselves are involved in: swimming, scuba diving, surfng, water skiing, kayaking, canoeing, whitewater rafting, cruises, jet boats, sailing, kite surHng, Hshing - the list goes on.  Adventure Australia 
There are many adventure activities to do in Australia. Experience something completely different.  Do things that are unusual, exciting, challenging and adventurous, such as bushwalking & hiking, mountain biking, rogaining, canyoning & caving, horse riding, as well as abseiling.              Adventure Australia 
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water sports
For a premium gliding experience fly Australian Explorer. Soar over Camden Valley, Lake Burragorang, the Blue Mountains and Sydney city itself. Training is provided.  A hands-on lesson will only take 30 minutes.  You are flying by the side of a  qualified pilot in a Tomahawk training aircraft.  It will give you and insight into what flying is all about.
The Sydney W.S.C is a member of the Australian Waterski & Waterboard Federation (AWWF).  This club which is located in the heart of Australa’s largest city specializes in three water events. Pro and disabled competitors take part in events.  There are state divisions and a national leagues. It a community of enthusiastic ccmpetitors.
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This company offers award winning group Ecotours in the Northern Territory.  Groups are taken away from crowds so they can experience Australia`s cultural and natural heritage.  Places include: Katherine Range, Kings Canyon, Ayers Rock and Kakadu.
Rod Dyer`s Air Adventure Australia provides planned flights to Australia`s hard to reach places all year round.  Air Safaris have operated since 1577 traveling to all parts of Australia.  Destinations are Cape York, Lord Home Island, Tasmania, Flinders Range and Cradle Mountain.
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Come along to the track and sign into Willow Bank Motorcycle Hire while you have coffee or tea. A short briefing is in order before you get the gear on for a ride around the track on a Suzuki GSXR 600.  Ride for 20 minutes with a break each hour.  Be a fast racer
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Car & Motorcycle
A 4WD Touring Adventures
A great way to experience Australia is a 4WD tour.  Safety is an important issue.  Today travel involves taking all the safety precautions possible.  Most choose to see the country in a group with like minded people all in 4WD vehicles. If you are new to 4WD touring travel with those more experienced.  Going in a group involves having a group leader who knows where to go and how to get there.  Remember you are all there to have a good  time so have fun with fellow travelers.  Everything is organized. There is nothing to worry about.  Learn as you go: no need to go on a training course.  It is not necessary to get permits before you begin.  That is all done for you.  Take your time.  You are on a memorable vacation.

Travelers who go on a 4WD Tour whether beach or inland sand dunes should take a sand driving course.  Correct tyre pressures need to be maintained at all times.  First the course makes you proficient at coping with small dunes.  Then you are taken on to master taller dunes.
  Adventure sports
Going off road with a 4WD and trailer can be a frightening endeavor.  It is a must to gain confidence in managing a trailer.  Though trailers are usually small it takes practice to reverse in areas where the bitumen ends.  This course shows you how to drive efficiently.  Adventure sports
After learning the basic skills of mastering a 4WD you will find it fulfilling to gain experience on a weekend course.  Book in for instruction at a rural property near a major city.  This way you will see the beautiful Australian countryside as you ready yourself to go on tour.  Adventure sports
This course trains you in the basic skills of off road
adventure safety.  You will gain experience in driving your vehicle over water crossings and varied terrains.  It is important to know how to master wheel changing and snatch strap recovery.  Respect for the environment is a priority.
  Adventure sports
You may want to stay on sealed roads and tow a caravan on your vacation.  Being overtaken by large
trucks and getting strong cross winds are things the avid tourer must learn to cope with.  Partake in a course that will show you how to manage a car and caravan as a unit.
  Adventure sports
The first problem in taking a 4WD tour is whether to
own a vehicle or hire it.  After this it is finding suitable traveling companions and deciding where to go.  Above all you need to know about travel destinations.  You can ask a local, but it is better to seek information from a tour operator.
  Adventure sports
4wd trailer towing course
4wd training course
This is the Australian 4WD Online Forum for the 4x4 4WD and off road truck community.  Here you will find news. tips. reviews. videos and images.  Register. Then post a oomment or ask for information from experienced off Road drivers.  You can subscribe to our 4WD month|y magazine. Weekend 4WD Course
An internet information center for links to 4WD websites.   All things 4WD are here: touring information, forums, 4WD events, technical sites, clubs, 4WD hire, competitions, training, travel destinations, directories, parts & accessories.  A gallery sf photos and videos are available to view.
4wd sand driving course
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You could just get in a car and travel off road through the outback.  This is taking a big risk.  Security is a problem  and there are places where you cannot go.  Traveling in a group with experienced tour operators is the best way to go. Be confident with Tag Along Tours.
We are here to help you whether it is tours, 4WD training. wheels and tyres, 4WD accessories, spare parts, service, repairs, road accident repairs or camping equipment.  All outlets have a great range of products and service.  Stores are independently owned.  We offer an extensive range of products for the 4WD driver.
Wilderness 4WD Adventures have been operating since 1990 offering small group hours to outback Australia. Tours are aimed at young, fit, adventurous people interested in being outdoors. Swimming in bush water holes and canoeing are features of a journey with us. Tours are available to Kakadu National Park, Katherine Gorge, Litchfield National Park and the Kimberley Ranges.
Eco-Recreational Tours
Take a tour to the Australian outback where the land seems to go on forever.  Find unspoilt beaches.  Dip your feet in the ocean.  Live the Australian way of life. Learn the Aboriginal traditions through art, myth, dance and music.  You can travel through coastal regions enjoying what cities have to offer.  Go by 4WD, coach or backpack.  Organize an individual package. Arrange a private group charter.  Either go camping in a tent, caravan, or stay in luxurious accommodation.  Match your travel plans to your budget.  There are day tours, 2-T tours, T+ day tours, 30 day tours, Safaris and ecotours.  Manage your tours online choosing the most suitable in quality and luxury so you can have a satisfying memorable experience.
One day tours are for the young and old.  You don't need a week to explore Australia.  Discover the country on day tours.  It will be an interesting adventure that will not break the budget.  From Kakadu to the Blue Mountains, or Magnetic Island it is easy to book online.  Live life on ecotours.  Adventure sports
Experience broad lakes, sandy cliffs, dark waterways, high forested dunes, long sandy beaches and rocky headlands on a weeklong tour.  Sail across Hervey Bay to see basking whales and dolphins.  Enjoy a walk over 21 acres of tropical gardens.  Return to your private cabin with ensuite.  Adventure sports
Trek across the eco-environment.  If you are curious
and like to really live then adventure travel is for you.  Connect with local culture and nature as you join a small group in exploring the environment.  This is for individuals and families.  Be inspired and excited by experiencing new things.
  Adventure sports
Journey to Wombeyah and Jenolan Caves for several days.  See the old mining town of Yerranderie.  Travel through Heritage listed wilderness.  Enjoy a meal by a log fire under the forest trees.  Visit secret caves and gorges.  Meander along rivers with cascading waterfalls.  Adventure sports
Enjoy a month long tour and have memories that will last a lifetime.  Go from Darwin in the north, down to Melbourne in the south, then back north again to Cairns.  See Kakadu, Katherine, Ayers Rock and Alice Springs.  Visit Adelaide, Barossa Valley, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane then finally Cairns.
  Adventure sports
Go on a real safari to the outback or go in converted off road vehicles with air conditioning.  If you are reasonably fit it is okay for you to travel and see this vast continent.  Build new friendships with other visitors as you become part of a team.  Accommodation and meals are in the price.
  Adventure sports
This day tour features a scenic drive to Cory's range, Carisbrook, Queensland, followed by an explorationoef Lark Quarry which has over 2,000 dinosaur footprints.  Tea is made on the "billy" over an open fire.  Tourists fossick for opals and examine Aboriginal art sites.  There is a visit to a sheep and cattle station.  As the sun goes down wildlife can be appreciated and food is provided.
Take a 7 day tour of Tasmania.  When you arrive you will be greeted by the Pure Tasmania guide.  Tasmania is renown for its good food and wine.  Launceston, which has a strong architectural and cultural heritage, is on the trip.  It has magnificent gardens and a chairlift that gives extraordinary views of the city.  The tour continues for the week and ends at Cradle Mountain.
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eco recreational trips
A Blue Mountain eco adventure is the only way to go.  An experienced guide will take you from a Sydney hotel in a small group to a World Heritage Region.  Join other travelers at Featherdale Wildlife Park.  Have breakfast among native Australian animals.  Alter  exploring flora in the Blue Mountains lunch at a historic hotel.  Continue to Scenic World, incline railway & 3 Sisters.  Complete the tour. With wine tasting.
Trek by camel through the outback.  Go by Murray River raft, motor vessel, helicopter, aircraft, 4WD.  Your host Rex Ellis shows the way.
Travel in comfort on an air conditioned coach enjoyirq an Overland Safari.  Journey for up to 30 days in budget cabin or tent accommodation. Meals prepared on tour by a catering manager. Staff speak German, French and English.
Air Adventures
Australian air adventures offers group air safari itineraries for young and old who have an active and healthy outlook.  Air safaris go to beautiful out of the way places.  They are tailored for any time of the year.  Either take your Australian adventure trip on a fixed itinerary or organize an individual private charter.  Group and corporate tours can be arranged.  As well as flights it is possible to participate in adventure activities.  Skydiving gives one a tremendous rush as you leap from a plane in absolute safety after taking a short course.  Try hot air ballooning to get a thrill.  Go for a flight in a small plane or helicopter with an experienced pilot: get a great view and feel the adrenalin flow.
Learn to fly a plane with a team of dedicated instructors, who have worked for airlines, charter and the air force.  Fly for pleasure or for a future in aviation.  You can train to have fun on a vacation or to gain a commercial piIot's license.  You are trained in theory and practice.  Adventure sport 
Get the blood flowing with a flight in a Tiger Moth.  Feel the wind rushing past you as a competent pilots takes you up to loop the loop.  Fly upside down. stall, spin, dive, climb or do a barrel roll.  Fly as hard as you like with the pilot in charge.  Every flight is safe.  Adventure sport 
Whether you Iike adventurous experiences or enjoy lying around on the lounge you will flip for a flight in a helicopter.  Fly high and fly low taking in the sights, sounds and scenes.  A chopper will land so you can partake in a picnic.  Then return to base after swooping along the coast.  Adventure sport 
SKYDIVING         jet flight      classic plane
Your first skydiving jump can be in tandem with a person who has jumped many times.  Come along whether you are on your own or in a group.  Family members can watch as the more adventurous make their first memorable leap which can lead to a long term love of the sport.  Adventure sport 
HANG GLIDING           jetflight
Over recent years hang gliding has advanced a lot.  It is now very safe.  Hang gliders are well designed and pilots know their equipment particularly how to effectively fly.  Enjoy the quietude of floating in the sky.  Choose to fly a Flex wing, Rigid wing or  Ultralight.  Run and glide off of an incline.  Adventure sport 
Gliding is an exciting Flying experience.  You are an individual but you can be trained in a small group.  Soar through the sky using the same air currents as the birds.  Get magnificent views of the countryside as you glide.  In time you may invest in your own glider and go gliding with family.  Adventure sport 
SEAPLANE Tours   flying lessons
Take off from Rose Bay airport.  See Sydney harbour in a restored seaplane.  Feel the nostalgia of flying in a craft of days gone by. Cruise above the bay and sandstone hills.  Fly low above holiday makers on Bondi Beach.  Then climb up to a thousand feet high in the clouds. Real air adventure.  Adventure sport 
So you want to be jet pilot? Be a top gun and fly alongside the best fighter pilots in the country. They have flown FAI8 Hornets and the Hawk. Take the seat of jet fighter aircraft used by the Australian Air force. This is an experience of a lifetime whether you are I4 or 84 years of age.  Adventure sport 
HOT AIR BALLOONING          hot air ballooning  flying lessons
Do something neally different.  Take a flight in a hot air balloon.  Float above the clouds in a basket slung below a balloon in perfect safety.  Rides are best enjoyed at dawn when things are quiet and you can hear early morning birds.  After an exhilarating ride relax with a champagne breakfast.  Adventure sport 
PARAGLIDING               jet flight
Paragliding is much like jumping with a parachute.  It is also similar to hang gliding.  You can travel a long way by soaring through the sky.  It is done usually where there are mountains so you can use the thermals to gain height, though one can take off just about anywhere.  You learn by flying in tandem.  Adventure sport 
Seaplane skydiving
Have the pleasure of soaring like an eagle. Visit the Southern Cross Gliding Club and take a flight in a glider. Learn in a two seawater aircraft with experienced instructors. Your glider is towed 100 metres into the air by a Pawnee tug aircraft. A short time into the flight the instructor will ask you to take the controls.
See the skyline of Melbourne, Austra|ia’s leading city in a seaplane. Cast your eyes over the vista of Port Phillip Bay. Sit back and relax in comfort as you are flown to see the sites. Be excited by taking off from water. Your heart rate will rise as you land at Williamstown. Hobson’s Bay. Book a Charter Service in coastal Victoria.
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flying lessons jetflight
Hot air ballooning hang gliding
Be top gun for a day as you fly a mission in a jet fighter L39 Albatross.  Fasten your belt as you travel at high speed feeling the G-force on your body.  Spin. dive and fall as the jet manoeuvres in the sky.
No need to live a dull life.  Get a move on and do a paragliding course at Hgh Adventure.  We have the best premises, being chosen twice for the National Instructors Conference.  Launch from sloping paddocks. Fly over headland and sandy beaches.
Enjoy the adventure of a hot air balloon flIght.  Soar over the skies of Brisbane.  Experience the exhilarating views over Brisbane and Ipswich.  Float smoothly over the beautiful countryside of South East Queensland.  View the expanse of land and sea to the horizon.  Share the experience with others.
Water Sports
Man has interacted with water since the time he/she lirst walked upright.  Whether in the water or on it people have been interested.  Being near water is so much fun.  lt is excellent for keeping fit and rnake one feel alive.  You can relax on the beach but there are more exciting thing to do.  Get suited up and go scuba diving.  See nature below the waves. Have pleasure on the surface. Spend your day surling the waves.  lf its excitement you want there is nothing so exhilarating as riding a fast river doing whitewater rafting.  Move at a leisurely pace and row gently along in a kayak or canoe.  lf its action you want, use the breeze to your advantage and go sailing.  Travel at a fast pace on a jet boat. Move briskly on a boat or go fishing.
There is nothing like taking a charter boat, exploring new regions and seeing the sights,  Eperience unique flora and fauna along Australia's coast line.  A boat is an ideal launch pad to do many interesting things.  Live on the waterway in a houseboat.  View undersea life through a glass-bottomed boat.  Try new things.  Watch or take part in boat racing.  Adventure sport
Adventure sports
Adventure sports
Adventure sports
Adventure sports
Adventure sports
Be thrilled by taking a jet boat ride.  See buildings and activities from the ocean side.  Roar along the river at high speed, 80 kn/h in some cases.  Hold on as the boat twists, fish tails, beach blasts, wave surfs, slides, turns and spins 360-degrees.  A jet boat ride is for you, your family and friends.  It is the fastest way to discover a resort.
Go tearing down the river on a raft to navigate a fast flowing river through rapids and whitewater.  Sites where activity is carried out  are rated according to difficulty.  It is said that this sport is the most exciting of all.  You will find out if this true by jumping in a baot and going for a raging ride.  Experience and adrenalin surge on your adventure vacation.
Surfing in Australia is not just a favorite sport or pastime.  It is a local obsession and way of life.  You can join the laid-back community of artists, writers and flimmakers for a while on vacation.  Start on the smaller swells as yo learn how to ride the big one.  Soon you will be out there riding the tall waves to shore.  Surfing is one of the great water sports. Sports
Sailing is a popular pastime in Australia.  Go sailing for the day or cruise the coast and take in the clear blue water washing onto pristine beaches.  Arrange your accommodation and sailing adventure to see islands of the Australian coast, or travel in a deluxe sailing vessel where you have your own private cabin, perfect for a holidayn getaway or honeymoon.  Adventure sport 
KAYAK/CANOE            jet boating
People have been rowing and kayaking for 8,000 years.  Traditionally, they have been made from hollowed trees, whale bones and animal skins sealed with fats.  In the 19th century societies began using these small boats for leisure.  At first they were made as a complete unit.  Today kayaks fold up for easy transportation.
You will think that an Australian vacation is about travelling a long way to distant places, but you can have a hands-on experience siting yourself up in scuba gear then swimming among sea animals and plant life on a the coast.  There is a great change in sea flora and fauna at different places.  Scuba dive the Barrier Reef, the most unique environment on Earth. Sports
There are main kinds of fishing in Australia.  You can "hunt" game fish such as marling, tuna or swordfish.  Fight game fish or compete with others who have a passion for the sport.  Cast from shore for tailor whiting and bream.  Fish from a boat for salmon, mulloway or tropical species.  Go trout fishing in specially stocked rivers and streams. Sports
Fishing whitewater rafting kayaking
Western Australia has 12,000 kilometers of coastline.  This is perfect for finding "that" surling spot.  Try beach breaks, points and reefs. lt's all yours to test. In the city there is Tngg which has shifting sand banks over rocky ledges; then Cottesloe with its artilicial reef or surf Margaret River for powerful waves.
Go fishing off the Noosa coast.  The fishing "Classic has just been held there. More than 700 contestants took part. At the weigh-in 200 fish were offered up.  There were crowds of spectators.  Cameras were at the ready to capture the winning catches.  It was a "green event" in that all fish were released.
Sailing cruise boating
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Jet boating
Kayak canoe surfing
Scuba diving canoing
Get the adrenalin pumping when you participate in the thrill and excitement of a jet boat ride.  This is the newést adventure ride on the Gold Coast. Enjoy the beautiful views, good weather and friendly people of Austrllia`s glitter strip.  The ride of a lifetime as you blast across the water at 80 km per hour.
Manly kayaks takes you over a beautiful location in Sydney Harbour.  This sport is perfect for team building, fitnéss, relaxation and even romance.  It is one of the country`s fastest growing sports.  Enjoy a day on the water in a friendly environment.  Kayak or canoe you have a great holiday.
Dive Australia is the scuba centre for diving on the Coral Sea.  We operate from Airlie Beach to the Whitsunday Islands and the Barriar Reef.  Diving courses are offered to those who want to learn.  A 6 day dive is the best diving adventure cruise to participate in.
Car & Motorcycle
If you like the feel of an engine driving you on at high speed there are plenty of motor vehicle opportunities in Australia.  Tap into the speed of a VB and go for a drive on a race track coached by experienced drivers.  Take to the road or go off road in a rally car.  Go over the sand dunes in an off road buggy: rev that engine and feel the power as you bounce and "rumble" on the uneven ground.  Jump on a trail bike, then travel at speed over the bumps and through the air on a specially made course.  Tour the country on a road bike, with a guide, along the highways and byways on a touring safari.  Travel at a gentler pace on a motorcycle and sidecar.  Go on a sedentary ride and have people admire your bike on a Harley Davidson.
Get the feel of the racetrack as a trained motor racer drives you round a track as a passerger.  Select a V8 Holden Commodore or Ford Monaro.  There is a safety briefing before you go and all safety gear is provided.  You want more?  How about actually driving a racer?   You Can!   Drive a special V8 VX Commodore, under instruction, for 5 laps  on a  high speed racing circuit. Sports
RALLY                             motor car racing
You have a selection of V8 rally cars to choose from: a Subaru WRX STi, Commodore SS V8 Ute, Falcon XRB V8 Ute and a Mitsubishi Evo 8.  Drive any two of these cars on the day.  Aftrer you have learned how to go at pace a rally driver gets in the car with you and you take the car on a HOT LAP.  The memory will  last a lifetime.  Leap in the hot seat.  Enjoy motor sport. Sports
Give a powerful off road buggy a try.  Go for a real dune buggy.  These machines have Lexus 4L V8 engines.  SAS racing seats and safety harnesses are built in.  Slide and jump over a high speed track.  Begin with a trainer at your side and when you become experienced take the vehicle for a drive on your own.  Spin the wheels.  Get sideways.  Fly through the air on the ultra fast track.

Feel the sun on your face and the breeze through your hair as you cruise along seeirq the sights. on a sidecar tour.  Enjoy the beaches and the mountains for a day or a week.  Ride yourself or be a pillion passenger.  From the Sunshine Coast, Queensland to outback South Australia there is a tour for you.  Motorcycle and sidecar provided with camping equipment, food, helmet and jacket.

Ride a 2009 Honda CBR600RR race bike on a premier motorcycle race track.  Be a MotoGP rider for a day.  Your bike is ready to go, tuned with new tyres. tyre warmers, fuel and stands.  Be treated like a real professional as you are given training in how to handle the powerful race machine.  You ride and train with those who have the same experience, so it is a fun ride and you really race.

Hire a dirt track bike and have a great time racing.  You get a Suzuki DRZ 400 motorcycle with full riding outfit including Jersey, pants, gloves, helmet, boots and goggles.  Go for a day out and ride around a 3.5 hour forest motorcross track.  Choose the course that suites your riding capabilities.  Try a morning ride or a two day tour through off road tracks - an ideal motor sport experience. Sports   motocross
Travel across unknown territory on an enduro or trail bike.  You will be in a group touring the countryside for up to 8 days ridirq at a steady pace.  If you want to go on your own or with someone else rent a road bike, get some advice and set out on a trip of a lifetime.  Accommodation, itinerary and related information are readily available. Travel through the outback, and rainforests.

Get some grunt and hire a Harley Davidson.  Treat yourself to something special.  You don`t need a licence.  Experienced riders will take you on a tour along the state highway.  Jacket and helmet are provided.  This is ideal for old or young.  Book a ride and a motorcycle rider will pick you up.  If you want to do something different go for a ride on a Harley Davidson trike. Sports   motocross
Motor car racing motocross
Experience the rush cf driving a rally modified Subaru Impreza WRX.  Drive on an off-road graveled driving circuit.  Slide around corners.  Squeeze through a chicane.  Hold on tight and drive to the limit.  You are instructed in how to handle an all-wheel drive car.  Find out who is the driver of the day by racing the clock.
Drive a V8 VX Holden Commodore around Adelaide’s famous Mallala Motor Sport Park.  This is a highly tuned vehicle.  Get training from drivers who have driven V8s for many years.  You will dress in the full racing outfit.  Train then drive for 6 laps at speed around the track.  You will be given a photo to remember the day.
Motorcycle & sidear
Rally Harley Davidson
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Motorcross dirt bike motorcycle touring safari
Off road buggy quad bike
Kart raceway motorcycle racing
Eastern Creek International Kart Raceway is a great venue to hire and drive a go kart.  We are only 40 minutes from Sydney.  This is Australia`s premier karting facility.  Many track configurations allow hire and competetive racing at the same time.
If you have no experience and want to ride a machine, hire a quad bike from Perth Quad Bikes.  It is a thrill and easy to learn.  The best thing is that the machines are stable, so it is unlikely you will fall of or roll over.  There are two types of bike: ore with gears an automatic. Riding an automatic you just increase the throttle and away you go.
Hire a Suzuki DRZ 400 and go on a trail bike ride with Trailworks at Watagans National Park.  Tours of I-2-3 and 4 days operate during the year.  Whether you are a learner or have years of riding behind you, be excited by our 6O kilometer loop course
Other Activities
If you like spending time doing outdoor activities such as sport and other adventures, then Australia is the place for you.  Try these sport related activities.  Magnificent landscapes are the backdrop for hiking or as it is locally called bushwalking along the coast, in the mountains or in the outback.  Riding a horse through woodland or across open land will give great enjoyment.  Go for a ride on a mountain bike up a hillside on a warm sunny Australian day.  Get on the road and backtracks with others seeing the countryside on bicycles.  Have an exciting time mountain climbing and abseiling.  Try rogaining.  Face your fears and go bungy jumping.  Take a trip to the blue mountains or the Australian high country and the family can go snow skiing, sledding and snowboarding.
While walking in the Blue Mountains you are only a ninety minute drive from the largest city in Australia.  Further away, Tasmania the coolest state has some o the best hiking tracks in the world.  Hamilton Island is not very hilly and has seven graded bushwalking trails.  Australian National Parks preserve the country`s heritage and have well-marked trails for bushwallkers.  Enjoy outdoor activities.
Before cycling get kitted out correctly by trying on the outfit and shoes. Get shoes. for the type of cycling you will do. Choose the bike that fits you and check the bike yourself before setting out.   Wear a helmet and be safety conscious. Road bikes are light with thin wheels for regular terrain.  Road cycling gives a sensation of freedom and speed.  It is exhilarating to see the countryside fly past.
If you want a unique vacation explore the countryside, go caving.  Jenolan caves are a must see for adventure tourists.  There are more than 300 caves all interconnected and composed ol wonderlul, well lit, rock formations.  Aboriginal painting can be seen in caves at Ayers Rock.  Naracoorte Caves in South Australia show mansupial lions, giant wombats and prehistoric kanganoos.
Orienteering involves racing across unfamiliar challenging countryside, navigating with a specially prepared map and compass, going frnom point to point in sequence without missing any checking stations, over several hours duration.  Rogaining is more Iike a game of arduous outdoor chess to reach points having higher and lower point scores according to difficulty with energy being expended over a 24 hour period.
Indoor climbing involve the body and mind. It takes will power to reach the top.  With rock climbing it is not necessary to go to the very peak of a rock formation.  Climbing to a designated endpoint is sufficient.  Fellow climbers will encourage you.  Mountain climbing involves fitness, commitment and strength in your arms and legs.  Upon reaching the summit you get a sense of achievement and satisfaction.
Biking in the couuntryside or forest is exhilarating.  Mountain bikes are sturdy and have shock absorbers designed for tough terrain.  Many types of mountain bike are produced.  Giant mountain bikes are used in Australia.  The broad wheels make for easier hill climbing, steadier descent and give quite a smooth ride even on rough terrain. You can ride with confidence and ease.  Try mountain bike racing.
Enjoy horse riding along the beach in Australia between Warnambool and Port Fairy.  Victoria is a popular destination for horse riding.  It is a beautiful part of Australia.  Terrain varies from alpine mountains and arid plains to temperate areas, all suitable for a relaxing ride on horseback.  Centers cater for beginners to the more experienced who can go cross country.  Suitable accommodation is available.
Nestling in the hub ol a snowy mountain in Australia could be the getaway for you.  Experiencing snow on mountain slopes is one ol the most popular activities in Australia during winter.  Snow sports can be enjoyed in mountainous regions of New South Wales and Victoria.  Choose your sport: downhill skiing, cross country, snow boarding, snow tubing or tobogganing.  Take a ski chair Iift to the top.
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Thredbo offers everything that you need to participate in winter snow sport: a skiing program for 3 to 5 years olds; snow boarding and skiing for children under 14 years; freeriding for teenagers 15 to 18 years; race training camp; and childcare up to 6 years old. Emergency treatment is on hand.  Equipment can be rented.
Get an adrenalin rush by going into a mysterious cave.  Capricorn Caves olfer an adventure of a lifetime with caving to suit everyone.  Explore "Rebirth", "Entrapment" or try "Commando crawl".  Walk over limestone Karst. surface ridges or get through a tight squeeze. No prev·ious training or experience is required.
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Bungee jumping began in Australia when A. J. Hackett built a tower in Cairns.  Sixteen different styles of jumping can be done from the tower, from dives to riding a BMX bike from the roof.
Enjoy a vacation with Mountain Bike Tours based in NSW and Qld.  Have fun in an atmosphere of good health, nature. sustainability and adventure.  Go just about anywhere on a bike: wilderness camping or beach holiday.  Experience nature.
Glenworth Valley horse riding center has 200 horses.  There is a horse for you.  Supervisors give Individual instruction.
Bushwalk through Yanchep National Park, Western Australia.  This is a marvelous way to see spectacular scenery.  Maps are available to guide you.  Some trails need only three and half days to complete.
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