Its products include the MariSilicon X chip, which is a neural processing unit (NPU) that improves images for video and photography taken on smartphones. Due uncertainties in the global economy and the smartphone industry there are adjustments for long-term development,
By 2050, it is predicted that 75% of firms would be run by Artificial Intelligence. This makes sense given AI’s potential to automate repetitive tasks and make other processes cheaper and more efficient.
Greater Useof Generative AI in Business
Transformation of Australia’s space and astronomy industries is taking place. Be inspired at the Australian Space Discovery Centre with stories of innovation, curiosity and technology from the space sector. CSIRO teams up with partners to solve complex problems, develop cutting-edge technologies and create real world solutions. Celebrate Australia's nuclear expertise developed through ANSTO and learn about our journey to become one of the world's most sophisticated nuclear nations.
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US Congress Move to Ease Export of Technology to Australia
Consumers remain cynical about artificial intelligence
Life-saving light beam to detect malaria
US Congressional members are moving to remove one of the key roadblocks to the export of sensitive US defence technologies to Australia and the UK, speeding the flow of information on capabilities ranging from nuclear powered submarines to hypersonic weapons, quantum computing, and artificial intelligence (AI).
Businesses worldwide are eagerly embracing the potential for artificial intelligence (AI) to provide personalised customer experiences, but customers remain cynical, according to the fourth annual State   Personalisation Report from Twilio.
fast, needle-free malaria detection tool developed by a University of Queensland-led team could help save hundreds of thousands of lives annually.
Scientific breakthrough set to make paralysed people walk again
Bumps ahead on the road to a clean, green EV revolution
Professor Tal Dvir is behind a world-first breakthrough which uses patient tissue samples and technology to transform injured spinal cords.
At the launch of the National Electric Vehicle Strategy this week, groups from all sides of politics and the car industry experienced rare consensus: all supported new laws to cut transport pollution and bring more efficient vehicles into the country.
Chinese smartphone maker Oppo will shut down its chip design unit, citing uncertainties in the global economy and the smartphone industry. The company, one of China's best-selling domestic smartphone brands, said it will cease operations of its Zeku unit, which it set up in 2019.
Some female spiders have a reputation of eating their mates after copulation. But some male orb weaver spiders have worked out a dramatic survival mechanism: catapulting themselves to safety at high speeds.
Scientists from UNSW Sydney with collaborators at Boston University have developed a tool that shows early promise in detecting Parkinson’s disease years before the first symptoms start appearing after focusing on 39 matched control patients.
See Male Spiders Catapult to Escape Being Devoured by Females After Sex
China's Oppo to shut down chip design unit as smartphone sales slump
Australian fruit holds the key to citrus disease resistance
With more energy comes more heat, and when things get hot inside a battery the packaging and physical space for expansion become increasingly critical.
A comprehensive map of the genome of a native lime species that is resistant to a devastating citrus disease could be the key to preventing that disease entering Australia.
Why are batteries lately bursting into flames so much?
Black Summer bushfires may have influenced the onset of rare triple-dip La Niña
Scientists Develop New AI Tool To Predict Parkinson’s Disease Onset
Light from this exploding star may tell us how fast the universe is expanding
Until now it has been difficult to test the health of dolphin populations due to their migratory pattens, their size and, in some cases, dwindling numbers. Researchers from the University of New South Wales have found an easy, fast and non-evasive way to give dolphins a quick health check, which in turn tells us much about the state of our oceans. They sample the condensation that forms from the animals’ exhaled breath - known as blow.
Images of an exploding star whose light was distorted by gravity may help us pin down just how fast the universe is expanding, according to Australian and international research.
Dolphin health check shows state of our oceans
How do brain features change with gender identity?

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Copious amounts of smoke aerosols from the 2019-20 bushfires may have contributed to the onset of the rare, triple-dip La Niña. In a study published in the journal Science Advances, a team of researchers ran climate models with and without bushfire emissions to determine the role the months-long bushfire event played.
A team of researchers led by ecologist Shichang Zhang of Hubei University in China published a study on the spiders' energetic escapes in the journal Current Biology. Male Philoponella prominens orb weaver spiders are the kangaroos of the arachnid world. male spiders use a joint in their first pair of legs to undertake split-second catapult action
Parkinson’s disease can be detected up to 15 years before symptoms appears. There is currently no blood or metabolic test you can run that detects Parkinson’s disease The program analyseas hundreds of different combinations of metabolites (compounds that the body breaks down from food, drugs and chemicals.
Scientists currently use two methods to try to measure the expansion of the universe, known as the Hubble constant, but these two methods have produced different results. This new research uses a new technique that involved looking at five images of a distant supernova, called N Refsdal, which is located about 9.3 billion light-years away from Earth.
They do not aim to develop ‘diagnostic tests’ to confirm gender identity or treatments to ‘fix’ anyone,
The race to produce better and better products and capture market share from rivals has required an enormous amount of manufacturing. In the process, it looks as though insufficient consideration has been given to these heating issues, and that new products are emerging that have not been fully time-tested. This has resulted in batteries in which sudden friction or external heat can lead to a spontaneous explosion.
Lead author John Fasullo from the National Centre for Atmospheric Research in the United States said the team intuitively thought the bushfires may have had a larger climate response than the drop in emissions that resulted from the pandemic.
Researchers from The University of Queensland have sequenced the genome of the Australian round lime, also known as the Gympie lime, and are now looking at five other native citrus species including the finger lime. People have been trying to control this disease using chemicals and other methods
Currently regulations under the International Traffic in Arms Regulations regime (ITAR), prevent much information flowing even to close allies such as the US’s partners in the AUKUS pact.
Lawmakers are proposing separate bills to ease US arms export control in a move to deter China from aggression toward Taiwan.
This year’s report underscores the value of an AI-driven personalisation strategy for brands looking to both retain existing customers and acquire new ones, especially in today’s competitive market. Sixty-two percent of business leaders cite customer retention as a top benefit of personalisation, while nearly 60% say personalisation is an effective strategy for acquiring new customers.

The process mimics the development of the spinal cord in human embryos and Professor Dvir says animal trials have shown an approx. 80% success rate in restoring walking abilities in chronic paralysis models.
The next stage of the study is, clinical trials. The team has engineered 3D human spinal cord tissue and implanted them in lab models with long-term chronic paralysis.
Malaria is usually detected by a blood test, but scientists have devised a method using a device that shines a beam of harmless infrared light on a person’s ear or finger for five-to-10 seconds, it collects an infrared signature that is processed by a computer algorithm.
International team leader, Dr Maggy Lord from UQ’s School of Biological Sciences, said the technology would revolutionise how malaria is fought globally.
But debate over the content of those laws is already descending into heated argument over technology, infrastructure, affordability and ambition.
Electric vehicle proponents and environmental groups contend laws should be bold, similar to those working overseas, and in place before the end of the year
But it’s also been shown to deliver higher quality results than human-created alternatives since it doesn’t get tired or become bored easily. In fact, many fields rely heavily on AI algorithms today even though the public may not realize it!
Generative AI is a branch of artificial intelligence that creates new and original ideas.
When comparing the brains of teens who are gender diverse and those who are not, their brain sizes appear to be no different, according to international researchers, but there might be some differences in specific brain features. The team looked at 2,165 teens in the Netherlands and found no difference in brain volume, but they did find that for young people assigned male at birth, parts of one area of the brain were thicker among the youths who reported gender diversity.
As with humans, the bacteria in a dolphin’s lungs change if they are sick, with specific changes according to the disease the dolphin is suffering from.
The Australian Government is backing critical and emerging technologies to strengthen Australia's future, boosting innovation in Australian businesses and building competitive industries. Support for businesses, entrepreneurs and researchers to collaborate with international partners on science and research is essential, engaging people nationwide to build awareness and develop capability and skills in science.

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