Best Australian Blogs Competition

Welcome to the Best Australian Blogs Competition 2014. We are thrilled to announce the winners of the Best Australian Blogs Competition for 2014! You’ll find the full list of winners here. You can also check out the full list of finalists here.

The Best Australian Blogs 2014 Competition is now closed but will return in 2015. If you’d like to stay up to date with the competition and be notified when we return in 2015 click here to register interest.

This year, there are over tens of thousands dollars worth of prizes, including a trip to an international destination, cash, writing courses, and books.

The 2014 winner of the Best Australian Blogs Competition will receive:

    The grand prize of the Best Australian Blogs Competition is a seven-day trip to Turkey with the global leader in guided holidays, Trafalgar.This is set to be an amazing journey and the winner of the Best Australian Blogs Competition for 2014 will have this unforgettable experience.

    This will be a seven-night guided holiday comprising return economy flights, centrally-located accommodation, most meals, an array of exclusive Insider Experiences, in-destination transfers and ground transportation, services of a Trafalgar Travel Director and insider moments from Local Experts.

Australian Blog contains articles about the way of life in Australia including science, technology, history, politics, culture, as well as stories on current world events.  Controversial subjects are covered.  Articles are interesting and written in plain language that is easy to understand.  Australian Blog contains images relevant to the articles.  Furthermore, there are thousands of funny animal pictures.  These are shown as they are published.  There is a new funny animal picture every other day on Australian Blog as well as a new text article on events happening at this very moment in Australia and the world.

Politics, history, culture, sociology, technology, science and world affairs are covered.  Everything that is going on in the world is written about on Australian Blog.  Valid analysis of Australian scientific, technological, cultural, social and historical issues are interspersed with funny animal pictures.  News and events in Australia and the world are evaluated and you can comment on articles.  Evolution is also also given full reign in the Australian Blog theme.  Therefore, both the past and present are covered.  Breakthroughs in health and biology and also of interest.  Immerse yourself thoughtfully in these topics.  This Australian Blog has everything especially biology, health and evolution.  One could dwell on this blog for hours going back over article written over the last nine years.

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Australian Blog
The Australian scientific, cultural, political and social environment. Australia's interaction in world affairs.  Interesting things happening in the world.  Also Funny Animal Photos.
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